The FeelFree Co.

Workshop leader & Decor manager at Aespia School of Art. 


Aespia is also a multi-sensory festival platform that champions the line of thought that anyone can be an artist. I am lucky enough to have created a range of decor over several years for the festival (which also travels around as a pop up stage), as well as teach craft based workshops. 

- Workshop leader, curating, collaborating and teaching workshops for 3 years. 

- Decor managing the site and assisting with stage design and build. 

- Lead decor roles in Aespia School or Art take overs (both commercially in London and as Aepsia create festival take overs/ pop up stages) at such events as Bestival, Lattitude and meadows in the Mountain. 

Thank you Aespia Festival, Sam Cooper Photo, Wil Collins, Zoe Savitz & Michael Njunge  for the photos. 

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